Mark S. Rowland


Mark S. Rowland was a loving husband and father, a devoted son and brother, a follower of Jesus Christ, a committed social worker, a loyal colleague, a faithful servant to the children and families whose lives he worked tirelessly to make whole. Mark S. Rowland, Family Counselor at Nashua Children’s Home, was murdered on August 20, 1999, while pursuing our century-long mission to children and families.

In Mark’s memory, every May, the Mark S. Rowland Exemplary Service Citation is awarded for “extraordinary efforts by a staff member in advancing the mission of Nashua Children’s Home.” Nominations for the award are submitted by Nashua Children’s Home staff.

The spirit of Mark Rowland implores us at Nashua Children’s Home to carry on our ministry to those who are so profoundly in need of our assistance.

“Then the king said to his men, ‘Do you not realize that a prince and a great man has fallen in Israel this day?’ ”
-2 Samuel 3:38, NIV









Mark S. Rowland Field, Jewell Lane Nashua, NH

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