Honor Roll

2016 Honor Roll

John K.C. Hyslip
$10,000- $25,000
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John Carter
Cirtronics Corporation
Club National, Inc.
Cogswell Benevolent Trust
Digital Federal Credit Union
Ella F. Anderson Trust – BNY Mellon, N.A. Trustee
Mr. Richard Petzold
Saab Family Foundation
TD Charitable Foundation
$5,000- $9,999
Anna deNicola Trust
Billings Trust
Conway Arena
Gate City Striders, Inc. General Account
Granite Steps Foundation
Rite Aid  Corporation – KidCents
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Roberts
$2,000- $4,999
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan H. Dowst
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fitzpatrick
Vernon C. Gates
Arthur Getz Foundation
Janet Johnston, Ph.D.
New England Edge
$1,000- $1,999
Amherst Junior Women’s Club
Carvalho Donuts, Inc.
CoBank Company Matching Program
Coldwell Banker Cares, Inc
Congregational Church of Amherst NH – Operating Fund
Heather Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Gautieri
Greater Manchester/Nashua Board of Realtors
Intel Corporation Matching Gift Program
Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union
Mr. and Mrs. Kare Karlsen
Alco Products
Marmon Utility LLC
Wendy Pelkey
Pennichuck Water Works
Mark W. Piekarski and Lennel Stroud
Q. P. Nash Real Estate
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Robidoux
Damon Swope
TJX Companies
Town of Milford
Tulley Automotive
Wal-Mart Foundation
$500- $999
Steven Allen
Mr. and Mrs. John Michael Ballentine
Carl’s Collision Center, Inc.
Mary Ann Christie
City of Nashua
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Cares
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Conway
The Dancer’s Closet, LLC
Daughters of Isabella Circle St. Louis #1349
Karen Dufour
Enterprise Bank
Garden Enterprise of Nashua, Inc.
Drs. Michael and Christiane Grzonka
Immaculate Conception Parish
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kopser
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Law
Ledgewood Bay Ladies League
Mrs. Victoria Leknes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lolley
Medicine World, Inc.
Milford United Methodist Church
William J. Moseley
John Patanaude
Lea Reilly
Riley Mountain Renovations, LLC
Road Runners Club of America
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Robinson
Jacki-Ann Roy
RSA World Headquarters
Southern N.H. Christadelphian Ecclesia
Timothy Stalker
Surf Restaurant, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tamposi
Tamposi Foundation
Gregory Thoman
Mr. and Mrs. David Villiotti
Waters Corporation Matching Gift
John A. Watson
$250- $499
Mr. and Mrs. Angel Abelleira
Airmar Technology Corporation
Rich and Tricia Albert
Mary Annicchiarico
Appliance Corner, Inc.
Vincent Archambeault
A. Jack Atkinson
Audrey Augun and James Steiner
William H. Beck and Kate Finnegan
Carol Beland
Richard Bibber
Diane Bourque
Bronze Craft Corporation
Carol B. Bushong
Robert M. Caro
Richard Caron
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Casian
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Castle, Jr
Libby Comeau
Dr. and Mrs. Allen J. Conti
Dave Ing’s Collision Repair Center
Delta Dental
Mr. and Mrs. Erik DeMember
Donahue Brothers
Gil Duarte
Justin Federico
Julia Ann Foss
Richard Fragala
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Gelinas
Mr. and Mrs. Erik DeMember
Mr. and Mrs. Bogdan Golja
Mr. Gregg and Marnie Gordon
Allison Greenburg
Kelly Hamilton
Carol A. Harrington
William Heaton
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hill
J. Lawrence Hall Co., Inc.
Danny Leblanc and Alexandria Panagiotakos
Normand Lepine
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Mandravelis
Krishna Mangipudi
Messiah Lutheran Church
Mickey Guru Travel Company
Patrick Murphy
Nashua Church of Christ
Nashua Dentistry and Orthodontics For Children
Nashua Firefighter’s Association IAFF 789
Nashua Wallpaper & Paint Co.
Ralph B. Orlando
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Pascucci
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Phillips, Jr.
Pilgrim Congregational Church of Nashua
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rowbotham, Jr.
Mrs. Grace C. Rowland
James E. Schmidt
Lynn E. Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. H. Scott Sewade
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shapiro
Stephen A. Takacs
Donald Theriault
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thoman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent F. Tulley, Jr.
Christine Tully
Jon Turcotte
William Warrington
Watts Family Fund
Eric M. Will
Jon Witkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Yeung
Jie Zhang
$100- $249
A & L Machine, LLC
Absolute Mechanical Systems, Inc.
Anita Andrade
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Arahovites
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Archambault
Associates of Marguerite d’Youville-ASMY
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Barbere
Maurice R. Berube
George Bigwood
Jill M. and Donovan Billings
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Black
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Blough
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Corporate Match
Sarah Booth
Avery Bouchard
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Boucher
Mr. and Mrs. Marc R. Bourque
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Boyle
Geoffrey Brackett
Michael R. Breda
Brothers of the Sacred Heart
Dr. Albee L. Budnitz and Mrs. Vivian N. Rowe
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome C. Burke
Brandon L. Buteau
Debra J. Cahill
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent R. Capasso
Tina Carrabba
Century 21 Cardinal
Mr. and Mrs. John Cepaitis
Bill Chabot
Chamberlin Family
Chevrolet Northeast Region 39
Citizens Bank
Connors Law Offices, PLLC
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Conti
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Converse
Norman and Helen Jean Coombs
Josh Copeland
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Corcoran
Bruce R. Courney, DMD
Jennifer Cox
Mr. Fred Croninger and Ms. Patricia Chiquelin
Cummings Properties, LLC
Eleanor W. Dahar
Jack Daniel
Brittani Delude
Richard Demidio
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Deneault
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Desmarais
Joanne B. Dion
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dolloff
Don Ouellette Art
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dutzy
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Eckert
Mr. and Mrs. Walter K. Eriksen, Jr.
Cornelia Eschborn and Jens Peter Dybwad
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Fallon
Lorraine A. Fauteux
First Baptist Church of Hudson
First Congregational Church of Milford
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Foley
Foundation Armor, LLC
Boel Em and Allan Frank
Debra Fraser
Mary Fritsch
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Fuller
Kimberly A. Gamble
Mr. Adrian T. George and Mrs. Tess Locacio George
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Gerlowski
Carl J. Giardino
Alison Gionet
Greater Nashua Human Resources Association
Brandon A. Greene
Robert A. Hall and Cheryl M. Miner
Martin Harmon
Hollis E. Harrington, Jr. Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Hawkes
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Hein
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hendrick
Shaun Hevey
Lauren Hill
Michael Hogan
Hollis Woman’s Club
Julie Hoole
HR Streetworks, LLC
Hudson Fish & Game Club
Mr. and Mrs. James Ierardi
Linda Imhof
Imtek Reprographics Inc.
Kirk R. Ingram
Alexandra Jamba
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Jarvis
John D. Jean
Karen Patten Realty
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Kennedy
Josh Kennedy
Kerry Wu Dental
Knights of Columbus St. Boniface Council 11907
Mr. and Mrs. James Koutroubas
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Labrie
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lambert
Daniel and Barbara Langer
Lisa Lapin and Terrence Sweeney
Law Warehouses, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lazare
James H. Leary
David Lecompte
Larry M. Lesieur
Michael Lozowski
Mr. and Mrs. John F. MacKay
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander A. Mackimmie
Daniel Marcek
Charles Marden
Chris Marich
Chuck Marich
Beryl Maseng
James McBride
Merrimack Auto Center – Nashua
Merrimack County Savings Bank
Karen P. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. David Michaud
Rachel K. Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Moheban
Mr. and Mrs. John Molloy
Capt. and Mrs. Bruce Morelli
Carl Muscari
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Myers
Q. Peter Nash
Nashaway Woman’s Club
Nashua Presbyterian Church
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Osgood
Michael Othot
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice G. Paquette
Ryan Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Pominville
Coach Bill Priatko
Jane E. Provins Rev. Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Provost
Mr. David F. Quaranta and Mrs. Susan Bradley-Quaranta
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Raymond
Jonelle and Christopher Rexenes
RMR Restorations, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Rugg
Rev. Shoushan Salibian
Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Savage
Denise M. Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. Atlant Schmidt
Matthew Setterlund
Jeremy Shearer
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Sias
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Sloan
Karen A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Snaith
Harold W. Solomon
Bonnie Sonia
Ellen and Ann Sorensen
Southeastern Container, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Spaulding
Speakwell Training
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Squires
Lisa St. Hilaire
Mary Starke
L. Richard and Dee Stoudt
Mr. and Mrs. James Summers
Susan P. Taddeo
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Tancrede
Dr. Abner Taub and Dr. Liliane Sznycer
Theriault & Sons, Inc.
Robert D. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Thompson
Marjorie J. Thompson
Top Tier Connections, Inc.
Michael G. Tower
Cassandra Tower
Steve Tower
Tri-State Kitchens
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Trull, Jr.
Union Mutual Fire Insurance Company
John Vanderburgh
Carol D. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Wheat
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Wilde, Jr.
Wonder Years Learning Center
Sherry L. Wyskiel
Sadettin and Samiye Yildirim
Sengul and Sadettin Yildirim
Jason C. Young
Yan Qin Zhu and Al Bing Jiang
$1- $99
Megan E. Albert
Amazon Smile Foundation
Gina Anderson
Allan Baldvins
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ballog
Jon Barton
Mrs. Pauline Beaulieu
Heather Beausoleil
Audrey Beckwith
Tina Belair
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Belhumeur – Gate City HOG
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bell
Michael Benoit
Toni Bernard
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Dan C. Boire
Evelyn M. Boissonneault
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Bond
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Louis Bossi
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Bourque
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Bowker
Robbie Brackett
Taylar Breda
Maureen Brennan
Alana Bresnahan
Bridges By Epoch
Michael A. Brodsky and Jodi Scaltreto
Brookdale Fruit Farm, Inc.
Virginia G. Brooks
Benjamin Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Campbell
Judith Carpenter
Peter Casian
Craig Cavaco
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Chamberlain
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin S. Chamberlin, Jr.
Chichester Massage & Bodywork Center LLC
Chiropractic Health Innovations
Joe Chrisemer
John W. Christie and Debra DerManoogian
Citizens Charitable Foundation Matching Gift
Kevin Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Clark
Irene Clasby
Emmet R. Clifford
Lynn Clogston
Mr. and Mrs. William Cobb
CoreFocused, LLC
Tiffany Coupet
Lawrence R. Cross
Capt. NC Susan Ann Cuddy
Shawn P. Curley
Michelle Curran
D&D Laundromat & Dry Cleaners
Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Della-Monica
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Dembow
Valerie A. Denault and Anne M. Sirois
Judy Dexter
Projjwol Dhakal
Margaret Dineen
Judith Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Dougherty
Kim M. Duball
Jon Duhaime
Martin H. Fabian
Patti Falbo-Toupin
Liz Fay
Thomas Forbes and Cynthia Dunlap
Mr. and Mrs. Millard G. Fort, Jr.
Mary Fredette
The French Insurance Company
Pattie Gaige
Christine M. Gallagher
Gateways Community Services
Marie Gauthier
Marie A. Geary
Mark Germann
Tom Germann
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Getts
Nancy J. Gibson
Chris Gill
Peter Gill
Mr. and Mrs. David Gilmore
Deborah Gold-Alexander
Michael Gosselin
Cindy Gove
Deborah Gracy
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Gracy, Jr.
Ana Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Grassetti
Jade O. Graves and Tanya C. Hall
Shon and Susan Haley
Janet A. Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hargreaves
Jean Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Gert T. Hausberger
Florence Haven and Deborah Stinson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hawkes
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Helfand
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Herring
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hettinger
Peter Hoekstra
Paul E. Houde, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Hooker
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Houde
Florence E. Houde
Loretta C. Hubley
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Huebner
Kevin Illsley
Mr. and Mrs. F. Andrew James
Gloria Jenkins
Marilyn Jewett
Lin Ji
Francine Johnson
Joseph J. Jolin and Robin Sousa-Jolin
Zina A. Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Juneau
Derek Kattar
Willard Keirstead
Nell Kelleher
Vicki Keskinen
Patti Killwey
Robert J. Kinville
Adrienne Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Koehler
Ms. Marcia Kostoulakos and Mr. Donald LeBrun
Annette M. Kowalczyk
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Kroeger
Kula Foundation
Adam Labrie
Patty Labrie
Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Lackmann
Amanda Laflower
Jane M. Lafrance and Tarin E. Smart
Jennifer Lamb
Ms. Kathleen A. Leary and Mr. Urs F. Nager, Jr.
Alexandre Lessard
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Levesque
Jane S. Liamos
Dr. and Mrs. David Linatsas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lind
Ms. Anna Loginov and Ms. Kristina Genthner
Christina Lopez
Stephen Lorenze
Cheryl Lucas and Christopher Hopey
Michele Lumley
M & M Electrical Supply Co., Inc.
Michael MacLeod
Kelly MacVane
Jessica Maeder
Mr. and Mrs. Bop Maffia
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Maka
Mr. and Mrs. Giulio Mambro
Mr. and Mrs. John Mandzy
Donna Mangold
Andrew Marich
Kathleen Marich
Brian Marrocco
Brenda L. Martin
Terence P. Marzilli
Gregory Mason
Elaine Maxwell
John McAllister
Susan McCann
Dan McCombs
Kathy McGhee
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund T. Meland, Jr.
Brittany Mendelson
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Metaxotos
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard A. Migneault
Scott Milne
Zakk Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Moquin
Nicolasa Moreau
Brent Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Justin C. Munroe
Mary C. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Murray, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan J. Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Nadeau
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nadeau
Lucille Nash
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Neely, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nelson
Gregory Neudeck
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Newcomb
Cindi Newton
Juliann Niemann
Marie C. Ouellette Revocable Trust
Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Ouellette
The Verna G.Overby Revocable Trust
Gordon Pan
Cecile D. Paquette
Steven Patterson
Maura Peeler
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Penkala, Jr.
Rebecca Perkins
Karen R. Peters
Laura C. Phillips
Cheryl A. Pierce
Planet Aid, Inc.
Dave Pomerleau
Derek Pomerleau
Raymond G. Presenti
William Provost, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney A. Redman, III
William J. Reid, III and Julie Ann Reid Walsh
Grisel Reyes
Margaret A. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Richardson
Arlene B.  Richmond
Erin and Andy Rosenbruch
Mr. and Mrs. Craig G. Rousseau
Katherine A. Roy
Lina Salaseviciute
Mr. Hussein Saliany and Ms. Sandra Marotte
Rachel Santy
Georgie Sawyer
Emily Schnappauf
Mr. and Mrs. William Schultz
Erin Sibley
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Siegrist
Jalene Silva
Robert and Diane Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smith
Paula E. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Soucy
Souhegan High School
Sylvie H. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. William Strickland
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Sullivan, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Sweeney
Steven Sweet
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Swift
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Tafe
Taggart Ice, Inc.
Anne Tanner
Thermo Fisher Scientific Corporate Match
Ellen L. and J.D. Thomson
Gordon Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas R. Tieman
Aimee Tillman
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Tower
David Trudo
Cynthia Tsao
United HealthCare Matching Gift
United Way of New Jersey
Norma Valley
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Vanderpool
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Vars
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Veilleux
Patti R. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Walley
Abbie Weinstein
April Weismann
Charlotte L. Weisstrot
Meredith West and John Denny
Nicole Wilde
Mary Winning
Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Don Yelton
Jeannette M. York
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