Director's Corner

David Villiotti
Executive Director

I’m hoping that all of you are finding our new website useful.  With the assistance of Morweb, a website designer out of Calgary, Alberta, the updated design has been a long-time coming.  We are excited to finally have the new website up and operating. 

Life goes on at Nashua Children’s Home, which we chronicle on an ongoing basis through our social media page on Facebook….Nashua Children’s Home.  On our Facebook page, you will see the enjoyment experienced by the children during the fall months, the Holiday season, and now, their participation in winter activities. 

Lastly, we are VERY excited to announce that all Residential and Educational Program staff are now trained in Ukeru Systems, a trauma-informed approach to working with at-risk children and youth.  Ukeru is an initiative of the Grafton Integrated Health Network in Winchester, Virginia, and is utilized in 46 states.  Residential Director Matt Fentross and Training & Recreational Coordinator Daniele Ferreira have the distinction of being the first credentialed Ukeru trainers in New Hampshire.  For more information on Ukeru systems, which is designed, and has proven, to substantially reduce episodes of physical restraint, please visit  

Again, please enjoy our new website.