Educational Program

The Educational Program provides services for students with educational disabilities between the ages of 7 and 15. Three self-contained classrooms of 8-10 students, each supervised by a certified special education teacher and an aide, offer a favorable teacher to pupil ratio and close interaction.

The Educational Program is designed for students who cannot be appropriately educated in less intensive programs within the public schools. These students need services which include counseling and structured social and recreational activities during the school day. Each group of children engages in supervised activities outside of the classroom to learn the social, living and academic skills necessary for their reintegration to the public school system.

As in all programs, families are partners with us. Since they are the major source of support for the child when reintroduced to public school, a partnership is essential.

The Educational Program is certified by the NH State Department of Education.

Further information and/or inquiries for placement of a student should be directed to Joanne Burdett Dion, Educational Director (

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