Holiday Gift

This letter and a donation of $500 was personally delivered to Nashua Children’s Home on Sunday, December 7.

Club National Supports NCH

The 19th Annual Club National Golf Tourney to benefit Nashua Hcildren’s Home was held on June 28 at Souhegan Woods in Amherst.  A check for $20,000 was presented at an October 11 ceremony at Club National, located on Pine Street in Nashua.  Supporters of Nashua Children’s Home spanning decades, Club National, through its Golf Tourney alone, has raised over $300,000 to support the efforts of Nashua Children’s Home to operate its Transitional Living Program (TLP).  The TLP provides housing, as well as ongoing staff support and guidance, to young people who age-out of the child-protective or juvenile justice system at the age of 18 and face challenges of adult living absent any financial support from their families of origin or from any public system.  The TLP’s ongoing operation is thus totally dependent on charitable contributions, such as the generous support of Club National.

Public Notice

Per New Hampshire regulations (SB247, Prevention of Childhood Lead Poisoning), Nashua Children’s Home recently conducted testing on all locations where water is available for consumption by children.  We can report that no lead was detected at any location.  The results are as follows:

NCH Testing Result

Alumni News: Bruno!

We are very proud to post the latest email and video from Bruno Dos Santos.  Bruno emigrated from Brazil as a youngster, but when he was 16, his mother returned to Brazil, leaving Bruno in Nashua.  That event created the avenue that brought Bruno to Nashua Children’s Home, then to our Transitional Living Program as a young man and eventually to the very productive adult life described below:

Hi David,

I hope you are doing well! I miss you Guys! Brian, his wife, you, Paul, Tara, Lee, Steve(maint guy), Scott, Liz, tell all of them I say hi!

I wanted to let you know that I graduated the past couple weeks with two different degrees (double Bachelors) Highest Honors “Summa Cum Laude”:

First: Information technology with concentration in artificial intelligence in robotics.

Second: Electric technology engineering.

No time to take a break I already signed up to pursue a MBA in IT management.  I wanted to let you know since you guys are my family and I like you guys very much. I also got married last year I added the link and some photos below. I wish you guys were there on all 3 events but didn’t want to bother you guys with it.  one day I will stop to catch up! A very special thanks to you for not giving up on me and believing in me when I needed it the most!  I also like to thank Lea Reilly for helping me finish High School and helping with college searching, she opened my eyes to more opportunities and made me realize that I needed to work hard in order to pursue my career in college. I love you guys!  You are the best!”

Bruno’s Wedding Video

19th Annual Club National Golf Tourney

The 19th Annual Club National Golf Tourney will be held on Thursday, June 28 at Souhegan Woods in Amherst.  This annual Club National event benefits the Transitional Living Program (TLP) of Nashua Children’s Home, and has raised nearly $300,000 since inception in 2000.

There are two VERY special auction items available:

*Autographed, authentic, framed Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey

*Boston Bruins afghan, an original work of Evelyn Boissonneault

Tickets for both items are $5 each or 5 for $20 and can be purchased at Nashua Children’s Home and are also available via mail by check or credit card.

Hole sponsorship opportunities are available and donations of goods and services for the Tourney are being accepted.

Information is available from Joanne Burdett Dion at or at 883-3851.

Public Notice

Pursuant to 34 CFR 300.624(b), the Educational Program of Nashua Children’s Home will commence, on July 2, 2018, destroying the student files of any former student who is twenty-five (25) years of age prior to July 2, 2018.   Nashua Children’s Home will retain certain personally identifiable information that is no longer needed.  The student’s name, address, phone number, grades, attendance record, classes attended, grade level completed, and year completed will be retained without time limitation.

Former students may request their records by contacting Joanne Burdett Dion, Educational Director, at Nashua Children’s Home, 125 Amherst Street, Nashua, NH 03064. (603) 883-3851

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