TJX Companies Continues to Help

Representatives from TJX Companies visited Nashua Children’s Home on December 1, presenting a check for $1,500 and also committing to assist the boys and girls of Nashua Chidren’s Home with contributions of clothing, other goods…and employment opportunities!

Thank you TJX!


Historic Gift

With a recent gift of $150,000, the largest single contribution in the 113-year history of Nashua Children’s Home, Mr. John K. C. Hyslip of Credit Tenant Capital, LLC is also the top benefactor in this organization’s history with contributions totaling $200,000.  Thank you Mr. Hyslip!!

John K. C. Hyslip

John K. C. Hyslip

Letter from John Hyslip

Cirtronics Generosity Continues


Cirtronics Corporation, a long-time benefactor of Nashua Children’s Home, has made a contribution of $10,000, representing the largest contribution made by the Milford company on behalf of the boys and girls of  Nashua Children’s Home.  While Cirtronics extends their generosity on an annual basis, this year’s check presentation was made on the Cirtronics premises, attended by all Cirtronics staff, and included check presentations to a number of area non-profit agencies.


The pride and effort exhibited by Cirtronics employees in extending this support was clearly demonstrated during the September 15 event.


Thank You Cirtronics!!

Alumni Visit

dick chapmanOn August 30, the first day of school at Nashua Children’s Home, we were visited by Dick & Doris Chapman of Sanford, Maine, who were in the area for the day and took the opportunity to drop by.

Mr. Chapman’s mother had died in childbirth with him, and his father, a shoe worker, was not satisfied with his care in a local foster home.  He was brought here to 125 Amherst Street, then the Nashua Protestant Orphanage Association, as a two-year-old in 1937.  Mr. Chapman’s father later was killed in an accident.  Mr. Chapman remained at the Protestant Orphanage, one of three Nashua orphanages operating at the time, until he was twelve years old when he went to live with his grandparents.

Mr. & Mrs. Chapman toured the facility, with Mr. Chapman remembering the location of different aspects of the building.  We still retain three journals of hand-written admission records of youngsters placed here beginning with the founding of the Orphanage in 1903 through the later 1930s.  Mr. Chapman’s record, to his delight, was contained within the last journal.  His was the very last entry, which we copied for him.

Mr. & Mrs. Chapman left here for their drive back to Maine very pleased that they stopped in, and we were equally pleased to have hosted their visit.

If You Want Something Done, Ask a Hockey Player!

All Hands on Deck

The 9th Annual All Day Power Play was held at Conway Arena on Saturday, August 13, concluding at 9am the following Sunday morning.   The skaters and goalies participating in this 24-hour hockey  event raised $15,000 for Nashua Children’s Home, raising the nine-year to total to $205,000.   The 24-hour hockey event raised $15,000 for Nashua Children’s Home, extending the total raised from this yearly event to $205,000. The primary sponsors for this year’s All Day Power Play, in addition to Conway Arena, were Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union, Alco Products and Enterprise Bank.


Next year’s All Day Power Play has already been booked for August 12-13, 2017, again at Conway Arena.

The Survivors

Club National Golf Tourney


The 17th Annual Club National Golf Tourney was held on June 30 at Souhegan Woods in Amherst. The Tourney, benefiting the Transitional Living Program of Nashua Children’s Home, raised $20,000, the largest yield yet for this signature event.

The Pine Street Club, a long-time benefactor of Nashua Children’s Home, has now raised $265,000 through this annual event that supports the operation of a program that provides housing as well as ongoing staff support and guidance for young people who have exited the State’s child-protective or juvenile justice system and enter adulthood as 18-year-olds absent any financial support from their families of origin.

The check was presented on August 11 at Club National on Pine Street.

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